Budapest, Petőfi Sándor u. 5, 1052


If we imagine in Budapest, that Estonian art is that cold as we think their weather is, we are wrong. We present an emotionally rich selection of works that have a strong relationship with human stories. The closing event of the festival will present contemporary Estonian literature, short movies and compositions in some cross referential relationship with each other, since the composers of the films are playing important roles in the Estonian contemporary music scene as well as the autonomous compositions are having an essential visual part or they are containing spoken text material. The piece of Märt-Matis Lill (When the Buffalo Went Away…) is talking about the extermination of the conjugate culture of the native Americans and the buffalos, meanwhile the Glides of Liisa Hirsch (recomposed especially for this event) is projecting slow modifications of acoustic experience into the space of the concert.



Märt-Matis Lill: When the Buffalo went away… 

A test emlékezete / The Memory of the Body
( director: Ülo Pikkov, composer: Mirjam Tally)

Excerpts from writings by Jaan Kaplinski

 The Host
(director: Riho Unt, composer: Lepo Sumera, Arvo Pärt)

Liisa Hirsch: Glides


  • Märt-Matis Lill: When the Buffalo went away… Hungarian Premiere
  • Mirjam Tally: The Memory of the Body
  • Lepo Sumera, Arvo Pärt: The Host
  • Liisa Hirsch: Glides Premiere


  • Ajtony Csaba


    • Zsófia Réman - flute, bass-flute
    • Zsolt Bartek - clarinet, bass-clarinet
    • Péter Tornyai - violin
    • Tamás Zétényi - cello
    • János Nevelő - percussions
    • Bálint Baráth - piano
  • Liisa Hirsch - piano
  • Attila Menszátor Héresz