Transparent Sound New Music 2017

Can a bomb-attack take away someone’s appetite? Who is that Alex, after whose hand a band is named? Why do six European composers start to write music using sounds recorded by the prisoners of the Thiva women’s prison? How does a bass drum sound if one is drawing on it with bunch of pencils?


Sound_Tracks is a (soon-to-be-released!) interactive encyclopedia of music, created by Berlin-based ensemble, DieOrdnungDerDinge.

Indoor Jogging

An interactive listening and sound-making experience by Germaine Liu and Christopher Willes of Toronto, Canada.

Bouncing Music

An elegant physics-based musical game and composition tool by Chinese creative developer, Wenzy.


A luminous 12-tone strategy game for two players created by Dániel Vaczi and Pál Dávid Lászlo.

Sonic Memory

Transparent Sound Festival's official memory game, with original sounds provided by our colleagues.

Multiplayer Piano

A wonderfully vintage web application with a collaborative 88-key keyboard and a simple chat interface.

Patatap and Typatone

Two beautiful online audio games by Lullatone (Shawn James Seymour and Yoshimi Tomida) and Jono Brandel.

A fantastic website by Balázs Kovács that offers online audio games where anonymous visitors can collaborate indirectly through sound.