JAZZAJ at the Transparent Sound

closing concert of the analogue-electronics music workshop

JazzaJ is a musical workshop started in 2011 collecting actors of the Hungarian improvisative musical scene. Although the majority of the per- forming actors came from the world of free jazz, there is a vivid relation- ship with electronic, noise, folk and experimental classical musicians. The workshop does not select according to genre, but based on internal attitude or mentality. “Jazz” is an uncontrolled, creative life force, which constantly renews its own form, while “noise” (“zaj” in Hungarian) symbolizes maximum tolerance towards all kinds of sounds.


“The participants of the workshop will create synthesizer-circuits, voltage-controlled oscillators, filters etc. We will build a collective super-synthesizer out of these. We will perform a collective improvisation led by the created network-structure. Our basic subjects are the technical environment, the space and their rela- tionship to the rules we specify. We are using both the technical facilities of the 70 ́s and 80 ́s and the network-community structure of our ages.”
János Bali composer, choral-conductor, recorder player and impro- viser and teacher, working at the Pázmány Péter Chatolic University.


  • János Bali