Liszt Academy


The presentation is the end of a semester long workshop, where participants had the chance to work with László Hudacsek and Bálint Bolcsó on the realization of Mikrophonie I – a composition wrote by Karlheinz Stockhausen in 1964. Although the piece is played on one traditional instrument, a huge tamtam it involves six performers. Two of them are creating sounds on the instru- ments, meanwhile two others are holding microphones at given spots and manner at its surface, meanwhile other two performers are filtering the sound of these microphones with acoustic-filters. Through this very precise collaboration of six performers, one sound coming from the loudspeakers is created. It is a virtuoso chamber music where the creative utilization of a microphone will turn it into a unique musical instrument. In addition to the work- shop-presentation two solo percussion pieces will be performed.


  • Hudacsek László
  • Lajhó Gyula
  • students of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music